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Luzia Photo Course Holidays




En breve tendré el gusto de presentaros la empresa que estamos creando Gry Garnes y yo… con mucha ilusión por ofrecer un producto basado en la fotografía, algo de lo que disfrutamos plenamente, mezclado con otras actividades que potencien situaciones en las que «encuadrar» y «disparar».  Esperamos que os interese.

Shortly I will be more than pleased to present you the company Gry Garnes and I are putting together… with lots of excitement to offer a product based on photography, something that we really enjoy, mixed with other activities that promote chances to «frame» and «shoot». We hope that it will interest you.

The information on the courses such as themes, dates, etc. will be posted at Luzia´s web page which will be given by the end of this week.

For now, here is the info on our first course «Melqart» based on the Cadiz history. Thank you for your time and interest.


We are based in the oldest populated city in Europe, and there is plenty of visual evidence of the peoples who have inhabited this stunning peninsula. Cadiz city, with its labyrinth of narrow streets, and the coastal region is a treasure of historic interest. The (tracks) left by the Romans, the Moors, Franco, and even the British, are visually haunting. We only have to mention Hannibal, Julius Ceasar, Napoleon, Sir Francis Drake, Lord Byron, who have all contributed to the Cadiz history.

Our MELQART photography course takes you to several visually enchanting historic sites, bathed in the amazing light of the Costa del Luz, and we explore the sites photographically. Whether you are looking to find new creative angles, or learn how to do professional architectural shots in a more representational manner, we have the know-how, and we are eager to teach you. The teaching starts with a little bit of preparation at our HQ, followed by the hands-on shoot with on-site assistance. We then take the images back to HQ and edit the best shots, with a round-up of the outcome, and points on how to improve and take it further.

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