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retrato del fotógrafo

I’ve been a photographer for 15 years now, and I haven’t lost the will to understand what my clients want or need. How to achieve results in an efficient and original way. Precious images that remain in our memories involve creative skills and logical methods. From my background in fine arts I am always able to look at the aesthetics involved on any idea. In my first stages in architectural photography I acquired the capacity of understanding space. How light ‘creates’ volume and the interaction of human beings within their environment. Food photography is my mainly commissioned works although I also feel very relaxed as a social photographer, specially with kids. My partner, Gry Garness and I have put together a project involving photography courses with interesting activities called LUZIA. I also take one-to-one tuition photo courses.


I spent four  fun & educative days in Nachos company. He’s never ending enthusiasm for photography, locations and composition rubs off on you either you want it or not. Above all he makes sure that you will have a splendid time with delicious food experiences. A perfect mixture of tecnique, culture, and relaxation in amazing locations. Anette Westerlund, Sweden.


I saw and learned so much in just a few short days. The course was a fantastic way experience the beauty of Cadiz, and to learn about people, history, culture. And of course this was an amazing opportunity to learn about  photography. As an instructor, Nacho is incredibly knowledgeable, supportive and encouraging. But I think I learned most from his enthusiasm. Often during the four days he would poke his head through a door or climb up a hill or simply stop, and it was clear that something interesting or beautiful or delightful had caught his eye. And that meant another opportunity to have fun taking photographs. Thanks to Nacho, I was able to take my photography to the next level and learned to see the world around me a little differently. Cristina Lopez, USA.


Bayou in the San Fernando marshland area.


My Life

is now focused on raising two kids. Juan-15- is a sports ‘dude’. Very physical, funny and honest boy. Jaime-7- has an incredible imagination and great observation capacity for details, witty lad. It wasn’t until I created a family book with their upgrowth that I realised I was good at gainig confidence with other kids (their friends) and making them feel safe and special thus able to shoot interesting portraits and lively photos. The power of an image that endures over time brings to memory amazing feelings as we age. While we experience slight changes not really in full awareness, those images will make them noticeable freshening up emotional times.


Juan surfs a wave in El Palmar beach.



Common rituals

on my creative procedures have not been addressed at the time beeing. As much as I like improvising through street photography while walking Cadiz’s cobbled stone history, a photo shoot from scratch under doubtful premises, I am best at listening what clients want, preparing thoroughly and getting on with the job. The balance between logical thinking, related to fulfilling projects in an efficient way and the irrationality, creative messiness needed for powerful images, is to be bound in my brain at once.

I still shoot with a Rollei-Flex camera I inherited from my grandmother Matilde Aracil,

also a photographer or a hasselblad bought to my colleague and friend Javier Reina. Working at a much slower rate due to focus and manual settings forces a careful approach, respectful if you will, at the time to release the shutter button. I have realize that framing without pentaprism favors a different interpretation from reality thus «fresher» compositions. How the right side of the brain processes information and interprets reverse mirror images in creative compositions is scientifically something that interests me. Needless to say how the influence on the cost per shot certainly stops me from going wild and shooting in burst and helps reconsidering the importance of the picture or idea prior shooting. Taking this quality time allows me to squint, think twice the convinience of any picture and finally saves me from being literally flooded with photos to be post-producted.

Where I live

The evolution my images have had after moving from the big capital Madrid to Cádiz is that light, more than ever, plays a crucial role. As if it wasn’t our raw material, right? But it’s curious that we not often stop to analyze the «quality» of the light before taking a photo. On ‘Costa de la Luz’ there is an abundance of it. Landscapes have gone mainly to rural or at least ‘natural’. This Spanish region has not suffered the madness of the real estate speculation that has ruined Costa del Sol, on the easter coast.

Five natural parks in the Cadiz province allows it to be ‘safe’ from destruction and nowadays still have very interesting wild areas.

From steep mountains providing shelter to medieval moorish looking white villages to broad fine golden sand beaches. From humid oak trees forests to meandering wetlands where blinding sun shines. Cranes over the ship yards in town help locate any industrial backgrounds needed (click here for some images). It is an incredible area for location scout and I myself provide this service for photography shoots. An average of 300 days of sun per year provides excellent conditions for outdoor activities and shoots.


Cadiz’s moorish resemblance watchtowers.

Thanks again for taking the time to read and watch.