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Ever since

I moved to Cádiz I have been involve in many interesting projects, mainly with the communication agency Cadigrafia, camera obscura Torre Tavira and architects, Maripi Rodríguez and Germán López Mena. The results of all these collaborations have been interesting products involving some of the publications I share here. With Maripi we shot the fortifications that were used against Napoleon’s Army on their siege to the town during the Peninsular War. To see some of the  pics, click here. Other projects such as La Canela- cultural center- and Metro Magazine started by young entrepreneurs are now concluded. I was lucky to have the chance to join this groups of vital and energetic people willing to create different expression platforms for Gaditanians (people from Cádiz), with very low budgets but extraordinary creativity to meet their expectations. It may not have Vogue’s varnish, but considering how it was all done (production wise) I am very proud of the results.






























I have had the opportunity to work together with many great professionals, mainly related to food.

One of the most important gastronomic journalists in the Cadiz region

was commissioned to write the texts for a food guide for the Cadiz Tourist Office (you can download the pdf here), and I was asked to take the pictures. More info and pictures on this publication, hereAt this point was when I realize the enormous potential of this region in terms of shooting locations. There are huge, humid cork forests at a 40 minute drive from the wildest, golden sand beaches bathed by the clearest water from the atlantic ocean. Moorish style white villages on cliffs surrounded by olive trees plantations and smooth hills were exquisite grapes are grown for the famous sherry wines. To read more about sherry click here.

I was also proud to work with photographer Simon Mooney, helping him on location scout and production for his tryout shoot of a famous spanish beer campaign (some of the results here). 

I had the opportunity to shoot a test campaign for a Spanish beer and decided on Cadiz in Spain as the location. The problem was it would need to improvise once there in terms of getting models and locations together quickly and I didn’t have any local contacts. A colleague recommended Ignacio Fando as someone I could rely on to make things happen and he certainly did.


Nowadays, my partner Gry Garness and I have put together LUZIA photo courses, photo activity holidays that take place in the lively and sunny city of Cadiz, on Spain’s Costa de la Luz.


que me mudé a Cádiz he tenido la oportunidad de trabajar con la agencia de comunicación Cadigrafía, la Torre Tavira, los arquitectos Maripi Rodríguez y Germán López Mena, entre otros. Los resultados de dichas colaboraciones han sido interesantes productos que han sido publicados en diversos medios y que aquí comparto.


En conmemoración de los 140 años de vida del Diario de Cádiz se ideo este coleccionable con la aportación de los mejores cocineros de la provincia de Cádiz

140 Tapas del Diario de Cádiz


140 Tapas del Diario de Cádiz

140 Tapas del Diario de Cádiz